Now Finnish recyclers can return over 100 drink containers in one go

Finland is the first new market to introduce the Tomra R1 “multi-feed” reverse vending solution since the original launch of the product in Norway, Sweden and the US in November. In total, 29 Tomra R1s are now live in stores and redemption facilities across the four countries, with several more to be installed shortly.

Tomra R1 provides mess-free recycling, as there is no need to handle each bottle. Consumers can do their part for the environment without getting their hands sticky. “The multi-feed concept fundamentally transforms the recycling experience, and enables stores and redemption centers to offer the best recycling experience and truly wow their customers,” explains Lauri Kangaslahti, Managing Director for Tomra in Finland. “The rapid return of containers at Tomra R1 make it even more convenient and motivating to recycle empty drink containers. Finnish recyclers can save the planet, one bottle at a time… or, in this case, over 100 bottles at a time.”

Features at a glance

Bringing together products from different categories in Tomra’s reverse vending portfolio, Tomra R1 can pair with the T9 reverse vending machine to add handling of glass containers, and connect to Tomra’s MultiPac Air high-speed, high-capacity storage cabinets.

Tomra partners with retailers on Tomra R1 in offering reverse vending as a service, not merely being a supplier of machinery. ​As well as reverse vending equipment, Tomra is offering the product as part of an all-inclusive package:

Tomra R1 is powered by Tomra Flow Technology for industry-leading recognition and system integrity​, and compatible with Tomra’s full portfolio of Digital products, which add value for both recyclers and retailers.

For redemption centers, Tomra R1 empowers facilities to move toward automated returns and away from manual, over-the-counter handling of containers, or to increase a facility’s capacity by moving from single-feed machines to multi-feed offerings.

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