New distributor for Holland Colours in South Africa

Holland Colours is an independent Dutch manufacturer of colourants and additives for the plastics market with a strong position in the PET packaging- as well as the building & construction market. The products are known for their low dosing levels, natural carriers and excellent characteristics for recycling possibilities.

For the last 25 years Holland Colours has worked very successfully with Banbury as distributor in the South Africa to sell products in this market. From the 1st of August Holland Colours will work with Tawazon as new local distributor whose details one can find in the annex; from that date they will take over supply of all Holcobatch and Holcoprill colours and support in every possible way.

Tawazon has been in business with Holland Colours more than 25 years. Headquartered in Dubai the Tawazon partner office in South Africa is Eisotex in Durban. Technical assistance will be guaranteed by  Holland Colour team of experts that is working around the globe to help to optimise customers process.

Holland Colours is looking forward to be able meeting customers in South Africa as soon as travels are open. Please contact Holland Colours team if you would like to receive more information about technology, products, colouring costs-in-use and our logistic services.

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