Agr International introduces the new Gawis 4D

Agr International has unveiled their latest development, the Gawis 4D, an all-in-one measurement system for plastic containers and preforms. Designed to automate a number of critical bottle and preform measurements into a single operation, this new laboratory test system provides a new level of measurement capabilities to support the design, process and quality management of plastic containers and preforms. 

The Gawis 4D is two systems in one; a thickness measurement system, and a dimensional gauging device. This system incorporates the optical gauging and thickness measurement technology, in combination with automation, to simplify container measurement operations while maximising testing throughput. It is designed to provide broad measurement capabilities on a wide range of plastic containers and preforms with unmatched accuracy, repeatability and operational throughput. 

Built upon a completely new measurement platform, this system incorporates a number of advanced features and capabilities that are designed to simplify testing and maximize throughput including:

  • Large, customisable and intuitive user interface with swipe and zoom capabilities
  • Powerful yet simple job creation and editing tools incorporating AutoJob – automated job setup
  • Precise finish gauging and body measurement capabilities utilising high resolution, USB 3 camera technology, optimized lensing and telecentric optics with 360º imaging
  • Comprehensive, non-destructive thickness measurement compatible with PET and a wide range of polymers
  • Performance to ISBT, ASTM and equivalent international standards
  • Industry 4.0 communication protocols

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