PET bottle design from glass to PET

Maintaining the familiar/popular design of a glass bottle and adapting this for the production of PET bottles is a challenge Kiefer GmbH is used to. The implementation of a glass bottle for PET bottle production is often asked for premium catering.

In a recent example the elaborate engraved logo in the glass bottle was taken. Manufactured were 0.5l and 1.0l rotary blow moulding. The bottle is made in dark blue PET and is finding its use in the field of international premium gastronomy.

As an independent mould maker Kiefer manufactures blow moulds made of aluminium for all rotary blow moulding machines from Krones, Sacmi, Sidel, Sipa, KHS-SIG, SMI etc and linear blow moulding machines of Kosme, Siapi, Side, Sipa, ADS, Bekum, MAG, Tetra Pakand others.

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