From Down Under to Japan

It’s time for the Editour Road Show to hit the road again!
The start of the new decade will see us undertaking a trip from Australia and New Zealand to Japan, via the Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea!
With support from Drinktec, the world’s biggest beverages show, we will be shooting off to Australasia. Our visits to countries from south to north will see our Team visit a variety of locations, cultures and climate zones with different vehicles. From the legendary, biodiverse sceneries of Australia and New Zealand and with numerous interview visits in between, PETplanet and the Editourmobil will finish the Tour with a visit to Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun!
We will present a comprehensive review of our Tour experiences at Drink Technology India in Mumbai, India, in December 2020.
Make sure you’re on board when we set off on our next adventure and get ready for in-depth analyses of the special features and trends in these bottle and beverage sectors!