Chinaplas 2020 focuses on tapping into potential in Asian markets

As the global economy faces mounting downward pressure and factors of uncertainties, the global plastics and rubber industries are at crossroads. The challenges are steering investments to become more conservative as companies adjust their strategies. However, growth outlook remains strong for Asian markets that are not new to economic ups and downs, especially the emerging economies in the region. Chinaplas 2020 takes a “local + regional + global” approach and intends to provide a platform of highly cost-effective and technologically advanced solutions that fit the needs of new markets for both upstream and downstream players.

Asia currently represents more than a third of the global economy, and its self-reliance continues to strengthen – trade within Asia far exceeds the total of Asia’s trade with other regions such as North America and Eurozone. Attracted by the region’s momentum, foreign investment continues to grow in Asia. China’s Ministry of Commerce announced in November 2019 that China is gaining more foreign investment, not less, despite the sluggish global investment scene. During the first three quarters of 2019, China established more than 30,000 new foreign-invested enterprises and utilised 683.2 billion yuan of foreign investment – up 6.5% year over year.

Chinaplas has deep roots in China but has tasked itself with serving the Asian markets to the fullest. Regardless of their region and business scale, visitors are stated to gain a lot, find suitable products and solutions to tackle business growth challenges, reduce production costs, reach breakthroughs in new product development, and accomplish environmentally friendly and sustainable growth. Visitors will also be able to take a peek at the most cutting-edge technologies in the world, but also find highly cost-effective solution packages. As the organisers state, China’s plastics and rubber machinery and material have made great progress and gained market popularity with technologies comparable to international standards, durability and stability, quality of service and cost-effectiveness. In Asia, especially Southeast Asia, machinery and materials from China well fit the needs of the industry at the current stage.

Chinaplas is scheduled to return to the National Exhibition and Convention Center, in Hongqiao, Shanghai, PR China on April 21-24, 2020. The industry event is expected to present 340,000 square meters of exhibition space, and to bring together 3,900+ global exhibitors (more than 2,500 exhibitors from China) and 180,000+ visitors, 11 country/region pavilions including Germany, Italy, U.S., and Japan, as well as 19 theme zones, centering around innovative solutions in plastics and rubber machinery, materials and processes .

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