Closure Systems International introduces 38D-KL for dairy and non-carbonated beverages

The new 38mm D-KL linerless HDPE closure (38D-KL) from Closure Systems International (CSI) is designed with consumer and dairy producer satisfaction in mind. Through its improved application performance and drop-down tamper evidence for additional security, the 38D-KL is precision engineered to deliver reliable performance on HDPE and PET dairy bottles. CSI’s 38D-KL is commercially available for applications in non-carbonated cold- and ambient-filled beverages and liquid dairy markets.

CSI’s 38D-KL closure delivers a sustainable solution and can be sourced with up to 40% PolyCycle, CSI’s post-consumer recycled (PCR) HDPE resin. PolyCycle PCR is sourced from recycled milk and other beverage containers, providing an opportunity for closed loop packaging and ensuring the highest quality sourcing. Both the HDPE and the PolyCycle PCR version of CSI’s 38D-KL closure are 100% recyclable.

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