Mineral water brand Vöslauer produces 100% rPET bottles

The first PET bottle made of 100% rPET left the plant in Bad Vöslau, Austria in October 2018. With the launch of the 0.5l bottle made of 100 % rPET the Austrian mineral water producers set new standards not only in Austria but also in Germany where all formats of the mineral water are now sold in 100% rPET bottles.

The bottles for all kinds of mineral water (sparkling, mild, still) and of all flavours (mineral water with taste, without sugar, without sweeteners) consist of 100% rPET since the beginning of the year. Compared with other bottles made from recycled material, the Vöslauer containers are stated to come with up to a quarter less material. The company states that the availability of the material is the biggest challenge.

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