Solutions for avoiding micro-particles

Gassner, Hall 7 Booth 459

The specialist in cap feeding systems Gassner will be concentrating at Brau Beviale on avoiding micro-particles in bottled products, caused by contaminated closures. A new addition to the range will be the SmartClean device, an ionised air cap rinser for the cleaning of closures just before the application.

This compactly designed development is claimed to be capable of removing particles with greatly improved efficiency. Other bene-fits include good access for the purpose of cleaning, robustness against aggressive detergents and reliability, even in wet and steamy conditions. Gassner claims that the system has low operating costs and does not need pressurised air. It can be integrated into existing lines.

In addition, the Gassner strategy package includes a variety of further solutions to improve hygienic conditions at the cap transport. The company claims to be the only manufacturer who delivers all components of cap feeding from one single source, manufactured with in-house know-how.

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