KeyKeg and UniKeg builds its reseller community with new partnerships

KeyKeg, a global leader in PET kegs, is expanding its European footprint with the appointment of two new official resellers of KeyKeg and UniKeg – Apiglass in Spain and in Sweden. These appointments complement the firm’s global network of warehouses and reduces the supply chain, helping minimise CO2 footprint and save on logistics and response times.

Apiglass specialises in the sale glass packaging for food and beverages, as well as the distribution of packaging machinery. It will focus on Spain as its core market, but also sells kegs to beverage producers in Portugal and the South of France. Its representatives are fully trained to fill, dispense and answer potential questions from customers and prospects, to ensure the high service levels expected from KeyKeg. sell kegs in Sweden and will also start selling in Norway. The team are beer experts, having set up the Rådanäs brewery in 2012 and have a deep understanding and technical knowledge when it comes to filling and dispensing beer.

The KegKeg and UniKeg technical support and customer service teams will work closely with both resellers to ensure that customers enjoy the high-quality standards expected from the product, providing premium protection for draught beverages like beer, cider and wine, ensuring they reach the consumer as fresh as the day they were produced, thanks to the unique bag technology which provides double the shelf life of other PET kegs.

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