Solutions for sustainable manufacturing

SMI S.p.A., Hall14. Booth B69

Among the exhibits of SMI will be the compact EBS 4 K ERGON series of compact fully electronic stretch-blow moulders. Capable of satisfying production demands of up to 9,200 bph, the EBS K models are available in 2, 3 and 4-cavity versions, and offer all the advantages of rotary technology in a “speed” range traditionally controlled by linear stretch-blow moulders, states the company.

Among these advantages are a compact modular design; high technological content, inspired by Industry 4.0 and IoT concepts; easy management and control of the production cycle; an electronic machine with transmission systems employing brushless motors; low operating and maintenance costs as well as low energy consumption and eco-friendly processes. To achieve the latter, the stretch-blow moulding carousel is equipped with motorised stretch rods, controlled by electronic drives which do not require mechanical cams; this solution is claimed to ensure precise control of the path of the stretch rod, energy savings and reduced mechanical interventions.

The EBS 4 K Ergon stretch-blow moulder showcased at K is equipped with preferential heating, that is suited to the production of non-cylindrical containers for detergents, cleaners, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, sauces, condiments and some alcoholic beverages, with the ratio of the long and short side exceeding 2. It uses a differentiated/dedicated temperature profile, ensuring a good material distribution and the elimination of zones with an excessive thickness. It also claims to facilitate labelling and to optimise the weight of a particularly complex container.

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