Recycling technology: a new life for PET bottles

Starlinger, Hall 9, Booth D22

PET bottle flakes are a valuable secondary resource. At K show, Starlinger recycling technology will be presenting recycling solutions for three different applications: bottle-to-bottle, bottle-to-fibre, and bottle-to-bag.

Bottle-to-bottle: Starlinger has installed more than 55 PET bottle-to-bottle recycling lines worldwide with a total installed capacity of >550,000 metric tons/year. The lines are available for a throughput of 150 up to 3,600 kg/h. The cleaning efficiency of Starlinger’s recoStar iV+ PET recycling lines meets the strict criteria of various national and international authorities (e.g. EFSA, FDA) with regard to food contact as well as the quality requirements of major brand owners.

Bottle-to-fibre: The biggest challenge nowadays lies in material quality. If bottle flakes are mixed with polyester fibres, the material may require high-end filtration and/or an increase in intrinsic viscosity (IV). Starlinger has the entire technology in-house: solid-state polycondensation plants for IV increase, and a continuous polymer filter, the Rapid Sleeve Changer, for finest filtration down to 15 µm.

Bottle-to-bag: Post-consumer bottle flakes are turned into polyester tape fabric for bags or big bags / FIBCs that are in turn recyclable. The production of packaging from waste (i.e. PET flakes) saves valuable resources and allows for a closed loop production. The first rPET FIBC projects have just been installed in Europe and Asia.

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