PET: the closed plastics cycle under one roof

Krones, Hall 15, Booth 15.1

Holistic recycling of packaging

Millions of bottles are recycled using Krones’ MetaPure systems, handling different material qualities, all the way up to food-grade PET. Since Krones apply a holistic approach to recycling, they are expanding their technology step-by-step to include other types of plastics. The MetaPure W washing modules are designed to process both PET and polyolefins (PO). At the K 2019, customers will able to view the interior of the module’s pre-wash components. Krones cooperates closely with Stadler Anlagenbau GmbH to equip its customers’ factories with customised turnkey equipment. The company is one of the market leaders in the field of sorting systems and has sold around 350 turnkey systems and 2,000 individual components worldwide. At the Krones booth, experts from both cooperation partners will be available to discuss the synergistic effects of their partnership and the overall solutions that will result from the collaboration.

Energy-saving container stretch blow moulding

The Contiform stretch blow moulder processes preforms comprising of 100% recyclate. The Contiform 3 Speed, the high-speed version of the series, will be exhibited at the show with one blowing station. At a station output of up to 2,750 containers per hour, it produces custom-fit packaging solutions for still water, carbonated soft drinks and sensitive products. As with all of the machines in the Contiform series, it is designed to have high energy and media efficiency. It can improve on the very low energy and compressed-air consumption of the Contiform 3 Pro by an additional 15%.

The cap and container as a single unit

Flip Lid is stated to be a completely innovative packaging system developed by Krones and Aptar. Due to the fact that the lid and the bottle are permanently joined together, the lid is prevented from being discarded into the environment – and ensures that the entire beverage bottle is sent back for recycling.

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