New full electric linear blowers

Urola, Hall 14, Booth B14

The Urbi Series of Urola linear blowers, 100% electric, have a compact, solid and ergonomic design that guarantees high performance for the manufacture of PET containers with a capacity of up to 10 l and speeds between 2,500 and 13,600 bph. Because of the high technology and the low total cost of ownership Urbi Series offers the opportunity to produce PET containers with a variety of forms that range from the simplest to the most complicated.

The main character of the Urbi Series machines, are:

  • Unique (“L” form) linear architecture divided in modules: integrated preform feeding, linear oven, direct transfer system, blowing block press.
  • Multi-module oven, with eight or nine IR lamps. Air flow within the oven homogenises the heat through the whole preform wall. Neck cooling via cooled air.
  • Direct transfer system: simultaneous transfer of the heated preforms from the oven to the mould, and of the blown bottles to the bottle exit. No need to space out the preforms for their transfer to the press.
  • Stretching system driven by servomotors and blowing system. Stretcher movement in two phases: approximation and stretching. Isobaric blowing in the neck area to prevent any possible deformation.
  • Shell-type moulds that are fitted to the cooling block. This shell figure structure allows for very fast format change, without adjustment during the individual mould-shell change or during the change of the mould’s base support.
    (Moulds above 2 l are of one piece, including cooling circuit).
  • Pneumatic compensation of mould closing to ensure a perfect clamping and to avoid “parting lines”.
  • Easy-to-use control station: touch screen integrated to the frame to control blower controls and settings.
  • Perfect access to the primary machine parts for maintenance, adjustments and mould replacements.
  • The Urbi 8 and Urbi 4 l models consist of two presses that take the preforms that come from the ovens, with a single feed hopper of preforms and a single outlet of containers.

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