Handling material the right way

Moretto Hall 11, Booth H57

Suited to the big stage, Moretto, supplier of automation and auxiliary equipment for the plastic industry, will exhibit systems and products for injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion. There are two exhibition areas in Hall 11, one specifically dedicated to the extrusion sector, with Contrex brand products, the group brand specialising in the supply of automation and control systems for blown film extrusion (Moretto Hall 11, Booth H 57, Contrex Hall 11, Booth E65).

Particular attention is paid to the drying of PET granules, a delicate phase especially for large productions, typical of the rigid packaging and beverage sectors. In a dedicated area, Moretto will present a drying system consisting of an XD 800X series dryer combined with the OTX hopper and Moisture Meter Manager. This solution is able to guarantee certifiable results, energy efficiency for any type of material and a completely automatic system of the drying process.

The turbo-compressors system of the XD 800X series dryer, together with the OTX hoppers, is stated to offer high levels of energy efficiency. The XD 800X dryers do not use cooling water or compressed air, being this another advantage in the treatment of PET and ensuring energy saving compared to conventional dryers. The use of the exclusive OTX hopper allows a homogeneous flow of the material inside the hopper during the process, an effective and controlled drying, with an energy efficiency of + 66% and a reduced material treatment time.

In the treatment of PET in the beverage sector, one of the aspects to which Moretto customers are most loyal, is the constant treatment of OTX which ensures a stable process and an improvement in machine cycle times, in the order of half a second. This is equivalent to producing up to 17 million additional preforms per year. The Moisture Meter Manager application integrates the dryer into a responsive system as required by the 4.0 intelligent factory projects. It measures the initial moisture of the granule and based on this, knowing the precise behaviour of each material, it performs the appropriate drying cycle to obtain the result requested by the customer in terms of final moisture, which is then monitored at the hopper’s outlet.

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