Delivering white opaque PET with 50% less TiO2

Penncolor, Hall 7, Level 2, Booth B13

Penn Color’s pennaHolt brings the benefits of high opacity – low TiO2 to mono- and multi-layer PET packages. Bottles with pennaHolt are more material-efficient, faster and more energy-efficient to manufacture and are recyclable at higher rates in the non-clear rPET stream. Penn Color’s penneffex has special effect pigments to deliver unique colour effects that make engineered PET packages stand out. The penneffex team has overcome critical challenges usually associated with special effects pigments. The results are special effects concepts for mono- and multi-layer PET and HDPE extrusion blow moulded bottles. Just some of the special effects that can be achieved include bicolour, thermo chromatic, phosphorescent effects and metallic-themed options.

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