Compact machines for higher productivity per unit area

Engel, Hall 15, Booth B42-C58

At K 2019 the Engel e-mac 280 is taking to the packaging floor, allowing for a more granular performance gradation for the packaging industry in all-electric use cases. The Engel e-mac machines are exclusively equipped with particularly powerful servo-motors, including the ejector and nozzle movement. This is intended to ensure maximum precision and process stability, and an optimum overall efficiency level. The series covers a wide spectrum of applications. Featuring clamping forces of 500, 750, 1,000, 1,800 and 2,800 kN, the e-mac machines have become very well established in the teletronics and technical moulding industries.

Two series for even shorter cycle times

n the high-speed, all-electric high-performance range, with cycle times of less than 6 s, Engel’s e-motion series and e-cap machines, which are tailored to caps and closures applications, meet a wide range of market requirements with high precision and cost-effectiveness. Together, the two series cover a clamping force range from 300-6,500 kN and achieve cycle times of less than 2 s. Both the e-motion and e-cap machines are equipped with encapsulated toggle levers and a clean linear platen guide; this makes them ideal for strictly regulated production areas and cleanrooms in the foods and medical technology industries.

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