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Milliken, Hall 6, Booth A27

Milliken’s stated goal is to assist in “enabling plastics to improve people’s lives and transform the impact plastics have on the environment for the better.” In aligning itself with the chemical industry’s long-standing Responsible Care initiative, Milliken is committed to being a good corporate citizen through its products, processes and partnerships.

In addition to constantly working to advance the sustainability of its entire product portfolio, Milliken is also helping customers to lower their carbon footprint, reduce dependence on single-use plastics with more durable and recyclable alternatives, and reduce overall waste.

Milliken has partnered with Chicago-based PureCycle Technologies to advance closed-loop recycling of polypropylene (PP) resin. Using technology developed and licensed by Procter & Gamble Co., PureCycle plans to open its first plant in Ohio by 2021, employing a patented recycling method that restores virgin-like quality to waste PP resin. This will enable the recycled material to become truly circular and be reused in its original application, as opposed to having to be downcycled into lower-value products.

One example of the extensive product range of Milliken is the KeyPlast colourants for plastics. These are versatile products that can be used by liquid and solid masterbatch producers, resin producers and compounders, and are suitable for use with a wide range of polymer and resins systems. These include PET in transparent, food-contact applications, as well as other transparent amorphous polymers such as polystyrene (PS), polycarbonate (PC), acrylic (PMMA) and polysulphone (PSU). These KeyPlast colourants which enhance the visual appearance of virgin polymers deliver stable, reproducible colours. Milliken’s ClearTint colourants will also be on display.

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