PackSys, Hall 3, Booth D90

PackSys Global manufactures high speed machines for creating tamper evident bands by folding and slitting plastic caps. Until now the most important quality control test, known as the pull-off test, which checks the strength and consistency of the tamper evident band, has been done periodically offline in a remote laboratory. At the K show PackSys Global will introduce their latest development in this field, “capLAB” at their own booth as well as at the Engel booth (hall 15 booth B42-C58). capLAB is a fully automatic in-line pull-off tester for quality supervision of cap production.

The system can select caps at random or caps which meet specific requirements, for example caps from each cavity on an injection or compression mould or caps which were processed on a specific mandrel on the folding and slitting machine. Because the testing is done on an ongoing basis the time to get the results is measured in seconds. In addition capLAB can use the test results to automatically change the settings on the folding and slitting machine so that caps never go outside the approved limits. Because the testing is done automatically capLAB helps to reduce labour costs. The lower labour costs can mean that cap production can be performed at a location closer to the site where the caps are applied to the filled bottles, thereby saving transportation costs and reducing the transportation carbon footprint.

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