Biopolymers, collaborations for sustainable projects and products designed for recycling

Sukano, Hall 8a, Booth H28

For a long time the reuse of PET was limited to application like fibre or often downcycling its original use. Times have changed and calls for innovative products and functionalities that address the poor quality and lack of standardisation of the current bale profiles as well as waste stream technology requirements.

One focus is on upcycling PET mixed bottle flakes into thermally stable rCPET food trays. Sukano’s rPET masterbatch portfolio allows for higher rPET content and creates new recycling streams via additive and colour masterbatches. Sukano’s novel masterbatch allows bottle makers to run conveyer belts and robots at mixed speed increasing productivity and yields. Thanks to this mobility aid masterbatch, problems like release, scuffing and sticking are eliminated. There will also UV enhancers and biopolymer innovations exhibited at Sukano.

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