100% blown & inspected bottles on 1 Blow machines

1Blow, Hall 14, Booth B70

rPET is more than just a trend, it is a reality for all companies who have put sustainability in their daily rules. Thanks to their advanced features, all 1 Blow machines are suitable for the production of PET bottles with up to 100% rPET. However, due to the varying quality of rPET material, even with an accurate blowing process, a small number of bottles are leaking. This phenomenon gets bigger with the increasing proportion of recycled PET (rPET) in preforms. Consequently, this turns into a problem on the filling lines with more downtime due to fouling and subsequent cleaning work.

To prevent this from happening, 1 Blow is introducing an innovation on K show: each blown bottle is tested within the blow-moulding machine before being taken by a downstream conveyor. Bad bottles are automatically ejected, only good bottles are conveyed. Thanks to a patented technology, the tiniest cracks are detected instantaneously. Due to the very short response times of this additional function, the output of the 1 Blow machine is not slowed down. Furthermore, no parts need to be removed for changeovers so the changeover time of the machine remains as short as before.

1 Blow is going to introduce another innovation at their booth: in response to customer demand, th company has introduced the Tiered Access System. This User Control Option is a Multi-Coloured Key Fob System combined with a Sensor-Reader at the HMI. Each fob can be programmed to allow the user to access as much or as little of the machine’s controls corresponding to the need of the user. Machine operators can have as little as on-off and screen viewing access; while senior technicians can have full parameter access. These new features are available on the entire 1 Blow range of PET stretch-blow moulding machines. A 2-cavity machine with preferential heating and integrating are also amongst the developments being exhibited at the booth.

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