Smart compressed air

Kaeser, Hall 11, Booth G59

Every part of a compressed air station, whether it is the compressors, compressed air treatment components or distribution system, should operate as efficiently as possible. These components are not individual players; they have to work as a team which is perfectly coordinated. Kaeser presents its Sigma Air Manager 4.0 (SAM 4.0) compressed air management system that performs this particular function. At the heart of the service package lies the Sigma Air Manager 4.0. Serving as the central intelligence core within the compressed air station, it assumes control duties and provides data-streaming to the Kaeser Plant Control Center. Process data are encrypted and transferred in real-time via a radio modem, ensuring reliable and efficient operation of the compressed air station throughout its whole life cycle. With the new Sesotec TG series, Kaeser extends its range of energy-saving refrigeration dryers to accommodate flow rates up to 98 m³/min and offers a choice of air or water-cooling. This compact powerhouse ensures stable pressure dew points with maximum reliability and minimal life cycle costs, even under the toughest of operating conditions.

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