PET processing solutions, preform moulding and sustainability goals

Husky, Hall 13, Booth A61

Focused on a wide range of plastic applications within a variety of markets, including food and beverage packaging, general plastic packaging, medical, automotive, and home, beauty and personal care, Husky will demonstrate its injection moulding solutions helping their customers to find ways to better respond to changes through the development of digitalised end-to-end manufacturing processes, flexible, scalable moulding solutions and more sustainable packaging options.

  • Husky will run its new HyPET HPP5e system, delivering better energy savings, system reliability, preform quality and user friendliness. The system will be producing preforms made from 100% rPET.
  • New tooling technologies including Husky’s new NexPET Mould, which is a flexible mid-volume tool for shorter production runs and frequent changeovers.
  • Introduction of a versatile, energy-efficient platform of PET preform moulding solutions to handle any application and production need.
  • A preview of Husky’s Next Generation Operating Model (NGOM) digitalised end-to-end manufacturing system that offers enhanced capabilities to enable customers to more quickly respond to changing consumer trends.
  • Husky highlights to support the circular economy and customers’ sustainability goals. Husky is committed to developing sustainable packaging solutions in aligning the goals of sustainability with the many positive attributes of plastic packaging.
  • Spotlight on the latest hot runner and controller developments, including Ultra Helix 250 T2 valve gates, which are designed to improve part quality and maintain superior gate quality for millions of cycles for small parts with difficult to access gate locations. Also displayed will be the latest family of Altanium Mould Controllers, providing accurate temperature, integrated servo and valve gate control.
  • Introduction of Husky’s new online spare parts ordering portal, which will be available for a demonstration on the booth.

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