United Caps honoured with IMDA Award

United Caps, an international manufacturer of caps and closures,has been honoured with an IMDA award for Best Technical Achievement: Holographic Closure Technologies, for a holographic in-mould label jointly developed with Morphotonix, a high-tech brand protection company.

The In-Mould Decorating Association (IMDA) is a trade association representing moulders, label printers, material suppliers, equipment suppliers and others committed to the development and growth of in-mould labeling and decorating products, technologies and markets.

To create this unique and secure bio-inspired and sustainable closure design. Morphotonix nano-engraved steel cavities with 130,000 dpi precision custom diffractive holograms, which were replicated by United Caps into the closures via injection moulding. The cavities are seamlessly integrated in the moulding line, and the closures are produced at standard speeds, with zero additional consumables. The irremovable security designs provide immediate verification without scanning.

Benoit Henckes, CEO of United Caps, states that the approach plays a significant role in anti-counterfeiting performance. “With an estimated US$460 billion in counterfeit goods worldwide, counterfeit prevention has significant economic benefits, including protection of jobs and prevention of deaths due to counterfeit drugs.”

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