New Delhi – part 2

We arrive almost on time, and have to wait for Aditya from Ruptex Mineral who is coming back from his factory in Bhiwadi just for our visit, around a two and a half hour drive from New Delhi. It turns out to be a very interesting and honest discussion. Aditya talks about the history of his company and how he found his niche in smaller regional brands, but also speaks openly about failures. After the meeting, Aditya gives us a lift in the direction of where we think the Editourmobil should be. We arrive at the vehicle just before sunset to take a final picture. On the way back to our sleeping place, as yet undecided, our Editourmobil is stopped again by the police and checked for two hours. Business as usual.

Another meeting in the city is with machinery manufacturer Husky. We already visited Husky’s factory in Chennai which opened back in 2010. But this time we also want to discuss the general PET market in detail. Coincidentally the appointment is on the same day as their general sales meeting. This means that a concentrated knowledge pool is available on site. We learn about the ASSP, the fragmentation of the Indian market and the high importance of the SAARC countries, especially India, to Husky. It is a highly interesting discussion with a company that is so close to the market.


Michael Maruschke