New Delhi

The next destination is Delhi, the industrial belt around the sizzling capital New Delhi. While our Editourmobil generally makes a positive, impressive appearance, especially in the rural areas, Delhi is somewhat different. The General Election is still going on  in India and our vehicle seems to be attracting suspicion amongst the local police. The police can somehow classify and cope with cars, trucks and motorcycles. However, a caravan with a big Indian map on it featuring a dancing woman during the colourful Holi festival and several sponsor names they can not! We are stopped frequently, almost every 2-3 hours which makes traveling times unpredictable. Ultimately however, they always let us continue on our way.

Our first Delhi stop is Ester Industries HQ, the manufacturer of polyester films and specialty polymers. The company is also very active in the recycling of PET, both for in-house and for the market. We get a good general overview about PET recycling in India and confirmation that there is strong growth in PET recycling activities as well as increasing demand for rPET applications over the past 2-3 years. Our next two appointments are in offices in the city centre which are also the busiest parts of New Delhi. Firstly we visit Aditya Dugar of Ruptex Mineral in his office located in one of the old parts of Delhi. Here the streets get smaller and smaller making it difficult to navigate our Editourmobil through. Inevitably we get stuck and have to approach our destination from another direction, which, as it turns out also ends up being impossible to get the Editourmobil through. Finally we abandon our vehicle and continue on our way by tuk tuk and on foot.

Michael Maruschke