Serac’s new BluStream sterilisation technology

Chemical sterilisation of caps can be an issue. It often employs work at high temperatures that can distort the cap. To eliminate these issues, Serac offers an alternative to chemical sterilisation.

Serac’s new BluStream is a low-energy e-beam treatment that can be administered at room temperature. It’s capable of ensuring a 6 log bacteriological reduction in 1 second without any chemicals. This module is intended for use on bottling lines of non-refrigerated and ESL 90 day beverages. Ebeam is a physical dry treatment. To sterilise the surface, Ebeam dispenses a beam of electrons over the surface of the product. The electrons quickly destroy the microorganisms by breaking their DNA chains.

BluStream offers manufacturers a safe, real-time monitored and environmentally friendly solution. The BluStream technology can be integrated on new Serac lines as well as existing machines, whatever their OEM.

Serac’s BluStream module stands out in the aseptic packaging market. It uses low-energy electron beams which do not penetrate the treated material and it will not affect the internal structure of the cap.

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