Chinaplas 2019

Chinaplas 2019 opens its doors today at China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China, with “Smart Manufacturing”, “Innovative Materials”, and “Green & Circular Solutions” being the show focuses. Building on the success achieved in the last edition of Chinapls in Shanghai, Chinaplas 2019 will continue to showcase innovative technologies and solutions for different sectors, such as automotive, building materials, E&E, medical, and packaging, etc. There will be a wealth of advanced exhibits, of which more than 140 technologies shown are newly announced to the globe or Asia.

The advanced exhibits together with a series of concurrent events will demonstrate the theme of “Innovation is Key to the Future”. The packaging industry is playing an increasingly critical role across various sectors. Brands are looking for crowd-pulling customised packaging. Whether packaging can serve as the driving force behind a brand and how it becomes an important means for enterprises to implement their business strategies are currently hot topics in the industry.

Compared to Europe, the US, Japan, and other countries, China is a late starter in the packaging industry, which, however, has grown to a fairly large-scale industry over the past few decades. And thanks to China’s 40 years of reform and opening-up, the income and living standard of people in the country have improved significantly. As a result, the market has a rising demand for technology that helps deal with small and customised orders in a precise, quick and flexible manner, and brands are going through substantial upgrades with unprecedented frequency. The importance of packaging to products is growing exponentially. PETplanet picked out some PET-relevant innovations:

SHANGAIR – Hall 9.2 booth K71 – Award-winning design

EREMA – Hall 9.2 Booth A41 – Focus on post consumer recycling

MORETTO – Hall 4.1 Booth C45 – 4.0 solutions for plastics processors

SWITEK – Hall 12.1 Booth R21 – Automation of caps production

OTTO HOFSTETTER – Hall 4.2 Booth J41 – High quality injection moulds and PET Systems

GNEUSS – Hall 5.1 Booth J36 – Gneuss rotary filtration systems

SACMI – Hall 4.1 Booth C41 – Sacmi takes five

INTRAVIS – Hall 5.1 Booth J09 – Vision inspection systems

HUAYAN – Hall 3.1 Booth K31 – New lower volume PET preform system

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