Plastic Jewels – Colour creations

Plastic Jewels is the name of the new series of polymer colours, developed and realised by Gabriel-Chemie and styled with Colors & Effects Pigments from BASF. These 18 colour creations are demonstrated in a total of 36 glossy and matt flip-top closures.

Inspired by glittering gems, the colour creations bear names likeVelvety Bordeaux red, seductive purple, rich deep green, brilliant aquamarine, royal midnight blue. The effect pigments of BASFs’ Colors & Effects brand are intended to awaken desires and to positively influence the eye of the beholder with unique colour creations. Especially today the differentiation and eye-catching of successful products need to be supported and enhanced by their colours and effects.

The first edition of the „Caps & Closures“ box contains a total of 36 flip-top closures, which present 18 colours in glossy and matt closures to inspire and arouse customers‘ desires for future projects.

The Colors & Effects project team of BASF consists of Nikolaus Pekler, Jürg Zingg, Banu Arif and the team Gabriel-Chemie will be represented by Michael Heindl, Ulf Trabert, Valentina Todorovic and Luana Köttler.

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