Gardner Denver’s CompAir extends oil-free Ultima compressor range

Gardner Denver has released a new air-cooled version of its Ultima technology, which is intended to set a benchmark in the market by being the first air-cooled oil-free compressor to offer heat recovery for process water.

With the air-cooled model capable of recovering up to 98 per cent of heat generated during compression, cost savings of approximately £70,000 (€82,000) are possible  when compared with the nearest rival models, states the company. The technology’s patented closed package cooling system means the energy captured when compressing air can be used to provide process water heating, delivering usable water temperatures of up to 85 °C.

Its hybrid cooling capabilities offer extra flexibility for the user too. Operators can choose between either air-cooling, water-cooling or both, depending on the most economic means of cooling at the time. For example, air-cooling might be more cost-effective to use during the winter period, as the heated cooling air can then be re-purposed for space heating in a facility. On the other hand, during summer months, when there is no demand for space heating, a water-cooled operating mode might be more economic.

The new Ultima compressor is claimed to offer cost savings of up to 13 per cent when compared with industry standards, even without the additional application of heat recovery. Thanks to the speed-regulated fans, the power consumption in standard ambient conditions or at partial load is reduced even further.

Its oil-free airends, designed and manufactured at Gardner Denver’s Centre of Excellence in Simmern, Germany, feature a special coating to help protect the machinery and avoid performance degradation throughout its lifetime.

Noise levels if the model are not exceeding 70 dB(A) for the air-cooled model. It also requires up to 37 per cent less floor space than a conventional two-stage oil-free compressor, enabling an easy installation in the smallest possible space. Its highly-efficient internal cooling also means adjacent compressors can be sited close to one another, further optimising the available space.

Ultima is available with a pressure range from 4 to 10 bar, volume flow from 6.7 to 23.9 m3/min at 8 bar, and motor power from 75 to 160 kW. The technology is equipped with iConn, Gardner Denver’s digital analytics platform, too, helping operators to measure, optimise and improve compressed air usage.

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