Side T-handle system increase worldwide presence

Side, the company based in Barcelona, Spain, has increased the number of PET blow moulding machines in the world producing T-handle bottles, to replace HDPE bottles.

On February 19, a new company has been incorporated to the T-handle team in Mexico. The company Envaserv SA de CV, one of the biggest bottle makers in Mexico valley, will be available to supply T-handle bottles to the Mexican market soon. 

In this system for producing container with handles, the handle is formed during the blowing process, without the need for any further changes to the container. The versatile application is suitable for the production of PET containers with handles up to 4l.

Since the presentation of the T-handle, at the NPE Show in Orlando few years ago, Side has installed more than 40 solutions for T-handle bottles globally, with a huge range of product for this kind of bottles, from softener, detergents, juices, milk, edible oil, water, etc.

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