Zero cooling

NISSEI ASB Hall 11.1 Booth R21

Japanese company Nissei ASB Machine Co Ltd (ASB) will be exhibiting for the first time at Chinaplas its new and innovative Zero Cooling technology, which was announced in 2018. The company says that developments introduced in this new series enable significantly faster moulding cycles, along with improved product quality.

The reduced injection cycle times are made possible by ASB’s proprietary four-station, one-step moulding methodology, which allows virtually all preform cooling to be moved away from the injection station and into the second, conditioning station.

The Zero Cooling moulding method eliminates any need for thin, non-optimised preforms, which are susceptible to several quality related problems such as “fisheye”, “body ring” and “orange peel”. This means that designers can create shorter preform designs with thicker wall sections, thus enabling the optimisation of stretch ratios, improved quality and increased productivity. ASB says that there is no need to conform to the traditional need to compromise between cycle time and container quality.

The new, advanced cooling method also permits moulding of heavyweight premium cosmetic containers in very short cycle times, without haziness, using standard PET grades.

The latest version of the mid-range ASB-70DPH one-step injection stretch blow-moulding machine will be demonstrated for the first time. Regular technology updates have kept it at the forefront of its class, in terms of efficiency and productivity.

The version being shown at Chinaplas, a pre-production model of the next generation, will showcase a range of updates and options that improve flexibility and productivity, especially for smaller containers.

Among the improvements are: a revised clamping hydraulic circuit; adjustable stroke in all clamping stations; and adjustable daylight, which allows for longer preforms. A fully-revised blow station is claimed to cut index time, simplify mould changeover and reduce maintenance. The new model is compatible with existing ASB-70DPH moulds. ASB says that these features cut indexing time 40%. A 30 ml container using a short preform can be moulded up to 2.2 seconds faster; this is in addition to reduced cycle time obtained from the use of Zero Cooling technology.

The new technologies will be joined on ASB’s stand by a range of sample packaging technologies and a full line of ancillary equipment.

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