New lower volume PET preform system

HUAYAN Hall 3.1 Booth K31

The PET bottle global market has been transforming from high output demands to more personalised packaging solutions. To address this new market, Guangzhou Huayan is introducing at Chinaplas the Econ PET preform system, a cost effective solution for low volume production, especially suited for small brand owners and converters with many different products. A 48 cavity system for a 12 g water bottle will be running at Chinaplas.

Huayan is a leading supplier of PET preform systems in China, with over 850 systems running today up to 176 cavities in more than 50 countries on four continents. The new Econ system is built from the well-received Ecoys platform with independent servo plasticising and optimised PET screw designs, resulting in lower AA and IV drop as well as reduced energy consumption. The 220 t clamp machine accommodates moulds up to 48 cavities. The three position take off units minimise cycle times.

Huayan produces their own precision PET moulds. They offer a wide range of application knowledge from the many Huayan preform moulds in operation worldwide as well as extensive prototyping capabilities. This provides small converters the ability to create a wide variety of preform designs for smaller production volumes at an attractive price.

The Huayan Econ line provides high quality, reliable low cavitation preform systems at a price that results in the lowest cost of ownership, states the company.

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