Focus on post consumer recycling

EREMA Hall 9.2 Booth A41

In Asia the recycling industry is becoming increasingly quality conscious. Countries that used to export plastic waste to China are now stepping up their own recycling activities. In China as well, high-quality recycling of post-consumer waste is becoming more and more important. The plastics recycling expert Erema will be making the most of this development during the Chinaplas trade fair. They will demonstrate that not only the hollow body of PET bottles, but also PP bottle caps and LDPE films can be recycled to produce high-quality pellets and that the plastic loop of this typical post-consumer waste can be closed 100 percent. For these demonstrations, an Intarema TVEplus system equipped with an Erema laser filter will be in operation at the trade fair stand. This combination is particularly suitable for materials with a high degree of contamination, when conventional melt filters can no longer achieve the necessary cleaning efficiency.

Innovative ideas for products made from recyclate

The range of products that are manufactured partly or entirely from recycled materials now extends from everyday consumer items to lifestyle goods. With a display of selected products, Erema provides an overview of the myriad possibilities for the use of recyclates. One example is the skateboards made by Bureo. What is special about this Chilean-based company’s innovative idea is that disused fishing nets, which would otherwise end up in the sea as waste, are collected, recycled using Erema technology and processed into cool products. From the collection of fishing nets to the production of new consumer goods, this is one of many successful lighthouse projects for the implementation of a circular economy and the avoidance of ocean plastics, both of which are topics that are also driving plastics recycling in the Chinaplas catchment area.

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