4.0 solutions for plastics processors

MORETTO Hall 4.1 Booth C45

Injection, extrusion and PET processing are characterised by specific complexities and high levels of performance, in which production and energy efficiency play key roles. Moretto’s goal is to provide exclusive technologies and automations maximising the production efficiency of these processes, by furnishing plastics processors with customised solutions and services. The impression of Industry 4.0 is evident on all product lines, Moretto offers smart and automatic machines able to automatically adapt the output to the needs of the market predict in advance breakages or downtime and have a support in real time remotely. These smart machines are required mainly by sectors such as automotive, medical and packaging, where Moretto records his better performance.

Shown at Chinaplas 2019 is Moisture Meter Manager. This device reads in-line the moisture content of the granule, manages and controls in close loop the drying process guaranteeing product certification and energy savings. Moisture Meter Manager is equipped with the sensor MM Crown for measuring the moisture of the granule when it enters the hopper; this detection allows the system to accurately predict the drying process that the dryer must handle. The dried material exiting by the hopper is further analysed by the MM Box sensor that, thanks to the exclusive Power-Peak technology, measures the exact content of water present in the polymer with an extraordinary precision (up to 15 ppm, with a temperature range of 20÷180 °C).

The range between initial and final moisture levels allows Moisture Meter Manager to automatically manage the dryer working conditions and to maximise process performances only using the strictly necessary energy. This creates a perfect close loop that integrates the dryer into a fully automatic adaptive system. Moisture Meter Manager is intended to mark a revolution on the traditional drying concept and create a perfect “drying on demand”, based on the real drying needs of the polymer, able to manage the internal and environmental variables that interfere with the polymer’s moisture level.

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