38A mm cap for sensitive products

Novembal, an independently managed business unit of the Sidel Group, producing plastic caps and closures for beverage manufacturers, presents the Novaqua 38A mm cap. The solution furthers the company’s contribution to the aseptic PET value chain and commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Lorenzo van Haelst, Managing Director of Novembal, presented Novembal’s latest solutions for the Sensitive Products market – comprising Liquid Dairy Products (LDP) as well as Juices, Nectars, Soft Drinks, Isotonics and Teas (JNSDIT) – at a public event in Chicago, Illinois.

During the presentation, Lorenzo van Haelst introduced the benefits of the Novaqua 38A, highlighting its tightness, design, ease of opening and resealing and quality features. The closure has a proven track record and answers to the demand of producers and consumers when it comes to product safety. “We also showed data that favour the three-lead version of Novaqua for aseptic bottling in comparison to the two-lead version. This is because the three threads are able to better protect the product and prevent leaking. This bottle cap meets producer demands for a tight seal while still being easy to open for consumers through its low opening torque,” explains Novembal’s Managing Director.

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