The India Road Show

The Editourmobil returns! 2019 we will be undertaking what is probably our biggest road show to date: we will be hitting the roads of the Indian subcontinent! 

With the start in mid-March in the city of Bollywood Mumbai, PETplanet Editors will be travelling  throughout India and visit a variety of locations, climate zones and elevations across this vast and fascinating country – possibly the world’s most populous, and with one of its fastest-growing economies. 

The first big stopover will be in Bangalore, which will be hosting Drink Technology India for the first time from April 10-12, 2019. 

From the south up to the east and north and with numerous interview visits in between, PETplanet and the Editourmobil will finally arrive in Delhi in time for the second Drink Technology India event, running from December 5-7, 2019. Make sure you’re on board when we set off on our biggest and most challenging Editour to date and get ready for in-depth analyses of the special features and trends in the bottles and beverages sectors of India!