Chinaplas 2019 to feature concurrent events

Chinaplas 2019, to be held in Guangzhou from May 21-24, will not only feature more than 3,500 exhibitors, but also will organise a series of exciting concurrent events to address those industries’ needs. These events will be covering the circular economy, Industry 4.0, industrial design, medical plastics, and much more.

Chinaplas 2019 and CPRJ – China Plastics and Rubber Journal will jointly host the “Plastics Recycling & Circular Economy Conference and Showcase” in Guangzhou on May 20, 2019 (the day before Chinaplas 2019 opens). China’s decision to prohibit the import of solid waste from other countries, and its policies designed to promote development of renewable resources represent only the beginning of some structural changes. More sustainable development and environmental protection policies are bound to come. In this new era of the circular economy, China highly values the development of the renewable resources industry. What is more, recycling technologies are constantly evolving and improving, providing a boost to the industry. How can a company realise commercial opportunities related to the global trend of resource conservation in 2019? How can plastics feasibly contribute to the cause of sustainable development?

Integrating conference and exhibition elements, the one-day, specialised event will feature more than 20 expert presenters, and is expected to attract more than 300 elite attendees from the plastics, rubber and packaging industries. The conference is built around three themes: “Material Science for Sustainability”, “Recycling Technology” and “Environmental Packaging”. Topics will cover the production and current applications of recycled plastics, advances in plastics recycling technology and processing, the latest in environmentally friendly materials and additives, and how companies can save on costs through greater use of post-industrial recycled materials. Recyclers and recycled material users (including retailers and brands) will share environmental solutions and real success stories from the packaging, electrical and electronics, and automotive industries.

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