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Sumitomo Demag @ All4Pack, hall 7, D059

The production cell designed as a complete solution around the IntElect S 180 produces decorative lids for food containers. Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is presenting this exhibit in a joint project with Rouxel as the injection compression mould manufacturer, Machines Pagès as a specialist for high-speed extraction robots and downstream moulded part handling, Verstraete as experts for decorative labels.

During injection compression moulding, plasticised material is already introduced into the cavity prior to complete locking of the mould. The machine closing movement aids distribution of plasticised material in the cavity, reduces the injection pressure requirement and the required clamping force, ensures that the pressure is distributed evenly and, as a consequence, reduces residual stress in the fi nished part. Warping 3 due to shrinkage is less pronounced as a result, reducing the wall thicknesses and weight of the moulded part. Compression at the highest mould and injection movement velocity, termed speed compression, is a particular challenge for the injection moulding machine and its sensors, control and drive technology. Despite the high speeds involved, the machine guarantees to deliver a high degree of precision and exact reproducibility from cycle to cycle.

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