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Sabic is reinforcing its activities in the plastics caps and closures (C&C) market. At the Plastic Closures Innovations Conference in Berlin on May 22-24, where Sabic was the headline sponsor, the company discussed its new Caps & Closures Industry segment, launched at the beginning of the year. It also introduced its latest materials and solutions for drink, food and non-food packaging caps and closures, and outlined its latest measures for addressing issues in the circular economy.

“Sabic’s Caps & Closure portfolio spans all types of polyethylenes and polypropylene (PE, PP), through to engineering plastics like polycarbonate,” says Hans Pierik, Sabic’s global Caps and Closures segment leader. “Many of these have a long track record, but the important thing is to never stand still. This year we will be adding more innovative materials, including a new HDPE that makes it possible to cut weight in caps for carbonated soft drinks (CSDs).”

Sabic has developed a new multi-modal grade of HDPE with good organoleptics for this major application, states the company. It combines good environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) with good flow, allowing cap manufacturers to design very lightweight closures. Sabic HDPE CCX027C polymer exhibits strong shear thinning, which means that even though it has a relatively low MFI (0.8 g/10 min, 2.16 kg), its flow characteristics during injection moulding are similar to those of a unimodal HDPE with an MFI more than three times higher.

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