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Cold Jet, West Hall 483, Cold Jet, a manufacturer of high performance, reliable dry ice cleaning and production equipment will demonstrate its MicroParticle technology. MicroParticle technology is used heavily in the plastics industry to clean moulds, deflash and deburr parts and for surface preparation prior to painting. The technology allows companies to clean moulds at operating temperature and in place and does not generate any secondary waste or leave any residue behind.

This patented MicroParticle technology shaves dry ice into sugar-sized particles. This allows more media to strike the surface per second than traditional methods, which results in an increased coverage area and a faster and more even clean. ”The MicroParticles will enter the hardest-to-reach places in complex geometry moulds, including vents, and are small and delicate enough for a thorough clean without worry of damaging the mould surface or changing dimensions, improving product quality, lowering costs and increasing productivity,” said Steve Wilson, Global Business Unit Manager Plastics, Rubber & Composites. The i3 MicroClean, which utilises MicroParticle technology, is used heavily in the plastics industry and features dry ice shaving technology. The MicroClean is claimed to be a lightweight, compact, single-hose low pressure blasting system that uses less compressed air and less dry ice than similar machines. It is also quieter than traditional machines. “When companies introduce the i3 MicroClean into their cleaning process, it extends the running time of their molds by 200-500%,” said Wilson. “It saves them from cooling the mould down, removing it, disassembling it, reassembling it, putting it back in and heating everything back up. That is a lot of time and risk for damage.”

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