Alpla develops EBM PET

The production technology EBM (Extrusion Blow Moulding) offers considerable freedom in relation to the design of packaging solutions. This makes EBM a good option for premium products, standing out in their design and function. With EBM PET, Alpla experts have combined these benefits with the benefits of PET.

In the recent past, new special semi-crystalline PET virgin materials were developed for EBM, which, unlike commonly used amorphous copolyesters such as PETG, are compatible with the PET recycling stream. Alpla went one step further: the use of regranulate preserves fossil fuels and reduces CO2 emissions significantly and so it was therefore suggested that the PET regranulate be modified so that it is suitable for extrusion blow moulding. This development plays an important role in the implementation of the bottle-to-bottle principle.

With all these special requirements, EBM PET calls for tailored production processes. Experts worked on the necessary adaptations to a specially optimised machine platform for almost two years. The machine platform itself is now one of the most efficient worldwide. Alpla can install them in the form of an in-house solution directly at our customers’ sites. The company integrates the production of bottles into the customers’ production process to save on transport and packaging. This further reduces the ecological footprint.

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