The Zeg keg

Hall 7 stand 7-820 Cypet Technologies will showcase its new, one-way beer PET keg. The ‘Zeg’ features a top chime and handles that are integrated with the rest of the keg body (patent pending). Having the top chime, handles and keg body formed as one piece significantly reduces the production cost of the keg, since there is no need to separately produce the top chime and assemble it onto the keg, states the company. Furthermore, the strong mechanical properties of PET allow for the top chime to be lighter in weight than conventional chimes yet still able to handle the loads that the Zeg will face through its life cycle.

On the safety side, apart from having a high burst pressure (4 times higher than the normal beer dispensing pressure), the Zeg features a patent pending pressure relief valve that is incorporated on the neck of the keg. In case of internal pressure build-up, the valve will be triggered automatically to release the excess pressure. The valve protects the keg all through its life cycle, even while it is coupled to a dispensing system. Once the keg is empty, it can be easily de-pressurised manually using no tools, ready for recycling.

Advantages of the Zeg include no cleaning, return or theft costs. Coming to the brewery pre-purged with Nitrogen, pristinely clean and with excellent O2, CO2 and UV barrier properties, it keeps the beer fresh and intact with a year-long shelf life.

The Zeg has been built using CYPET’s patented Injection Stretch Blow Moulding process.

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