PTI, Big 3 enter into business alliance to help brand owners achieve PET bottle quality, speed-to-market goals

PTI has entered into a business alliance with Big 3 Precision Products, Inc., Centralia, Illinois, to help brand owners achieve quality and speed-to-market goals for products sold in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. For the past three decades, PTI has been the confidential development engine behind many well-known PET bottle commercialisations. Big 3’s Mold Services Group has been a leader in producing moulds for single-stage PET blow moulding machines, as well as injection blow moulding equipment.

“With this alliance in place, we will now be able to seamlessly pair our PET bottle development services with the mold making capability necessary to run production quantities. Integrating the mould supplier into the early stages of the development process eliminates compatibility issues. It also removes another responsibility from the brand owner task list, truly reinforcing our ability to provide concept to commercialisation services,” explains Craig Robinson, vice president of business development and innovation, PTI.

Big 3 brings three-plus decades of mould building expertise to the alliance. The company’s precision approach to creating tools make it ideally-suited to meet the demanding production needs of leading brand owners.

“Our capabilities are a perfect extension of the services that PTI provides. Big 3 has significant expertise on the production side, so we can deliver moulds quickly and accurately to support all of the bottle development work PTI has completed,” says Clinton Hyde, vice president of sales and engineering, Big 3. “Every brand owner out there is looking to improve their development timeline and this is just one more capability that can help meet those goals.”

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