Hot runner, controller and moulding solutions at two booths

Husky stand 6222 & 6401-1 in hall A6

Husky Injection Molding Systems, an industrial technology provider to the plastics processing community, will participate in Fakuma with two separate booths in Hall A6. Husky’s exhibition features a space dedicated to its hot runners and controllers technology (booth 6222), as well as a booth focused on its packaging and medical moulding solutions (booth 6401-1).

At booth 6222 Husky’s hot runners and controllers business will be showcasing its Ultra Helix valve gates, with over 4000 nozzles installed. Husky offers the Ultra Helix valve gate to provide moulders with unprecedented quality and reliability. At the show, Husky will be demonstrating several new products, including its Altanium Valve Gate Sequencer, an easy-to-use single unit that combines temperature and servo control, ideal for filling large, multi-gated parts. As well, the booth will be displaying Husky’s new Altanium Matrix5 and Altanium Delta5 mould controllers. The company will also showcase its new Ultra SideGate Inline, providing 18mm gate spacing for small parts and ideal for compact moulds.

At booth 6401-1, Husky will be displaying a variety of injection moulding solutions for the medical and packaging markets. Under the Schöttli brand name, Husky manufactures precision, highly-engineered tooling for the production of plastic medical applications. On display will be a variety of target medical parts that Schöttli manufactures moulds for, showcasing the company’s ability to mitigate risk in the manufacturing process. Husky will also highlight its range of tooling and system capabilities for the manufacture of packaging, including closures and thinwall packaging, as well as its Multi-Layer technology for packaging applications.

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