Coconut milk in PET

Huanlejia, well-known as a Chinese producer of food and beverages, recently started producing its coconut milk – formerly packaged in HDPE – in PET bottles. Its main objectives in this change were to reinforce its brand image and increase production speed. The new coconut milk PET bottle is produced on two Sidel complete aseptic PET packaging lines, running at 48,000bph.

.This is the first time that Huanlejia moved to PET bottles for the promotion of its coconut milk. With its full marketing sleeve label to value the brand and the product, the Huanlejia coconut milk bottled in PET has been praised by local consumers, including a star product award by the 2018 Chengdu Food and Drinks Fair, which is assigned on a yearly basis. The PET bottle ensures the coconut milk 12-month shelf life without any sterilised aluminium foil before capping because the tightness between the bottle neck and the cap is very safe.

The Chinese company opted for two Sidel aseptic PET complete lines running at 48,00 bph. Both lines – which started production in Linyi, Shandong province, and Hanchuan, Hubei province, between March and April 2018 – are equipped with the Sidel Aseptic Combi Sensofill, applying traditional wet bottle decontamination to ensure beverage integrity. They also include Gebo Cermex conveyors and automatic Pal-Kombi palletisers. The entire lines’ efficiency will be tracked and optimised with the EIT (Efficiency Improvement Tool) system. It allows improved productivity and gives employees at all levels of the organisation real-time access to relevant and actionable information on performance, quality, efficiency, losses, and other production-related issues.

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