South Africa: Beverage and food industry focuses on resource conser- vation and energy efficiency

The food & drink technology Africa (fdt) positions itself as a forward looking platform for the industry. Water is the decisive element in the food and beverage industry, whether as an ingredient or in production and cleaning. The demand is correspondingly high while at the same time the scarcity of this precious raw material is steadily increasing. At food & drink technology Africa (fdt), the focus will therefore be, among other things, on solutions for water and energy management.

Companies are looking for new approaches to an efficient resource and energy management, from reliable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient pumping of water from company owned wells to appropriately treated process water that can be used for irrigation or equipment cleaning the starting points for solutions are many and varied.

Innovative strength at fdt Africa: Local and international exhibitors such as Dematech, Ecolab, Ningbo Lehui, Pall and Praj Industry will present their ideas and products from this field at fdt Africa, taking place from September 4 to 6, 2018. Visitors will receive a comprehensive overview of water treatment and water recycling as well as possibilities for reducing water consumption. Water and energy management will also play an important role in the supporting program. The fdt Africa speakers Corner offers a three day platform for the exchange of experiences and practical solutions for the food and beverage industry. In her presentation “How technology contributes to saving water and energy in beverage production, food processing and pckaging”, Vera Fritsche from the VDMA Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association, will give an initial overview of the respective technologies. Further presentations on hygiene and energy saving are currently being planned. The supporting program thus responds precisely to the needs of the local industry,creating
a definite added value, both for exhibitors from the segment and for the exhibition visitors. Consequently, fdt Africa 2018 will once again show what is technically expedient for the local industry today and possible tomorrow
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