Because fresh drinking water is worth its weight – in Gold

Around the world, Ujeta Care is helping ensure that people can obtain clean drinking water for themselves, quickly and easily. Schneider Kunststofftechnik, based in Kirchheim, Germany, and the parent company of Ujeta GmbH, has now been honoured with the German Innovation Award, in recognition of its unique water filter system. Ujeta Care won the Gold Award in the “Business to Consumer” category.

The innovation prize was being awarded for the first time in 2018. It recognises products and solutions across sectors that stand out from other solutions on the market for their user-friendliness and value-added.”We are proud of our Gold Award, which is a fantastic affirmation of what we are doing. User-friendliness and value-added are precisely the two central ideas behind our Ujeta Care water filter system. Ujeta Care is so easy and straightforward to operate that even young children, women or the elderly are able to obtain fresh drinking water in a matter of moments. We aim to contribute to preventing anyone from dying of thirst or falling ill from life-threatening germs in developing countries, crisis regions and disaster areas, and regions with poor water infrastructure. That is pure value-added,” says Drita Schneider, Managing Director of Schneider Kunststofftechnik.

The innovative water filter system has already impressively demonstrated its value-added for others. For example, 10 Ujeta Care units are in use in Haiti, supplying around 300 children there daily with fresh drinking water since hurricane “Matthew” in October 2016.

Ujeta stands for water (Kosovan “uje”) and life (Kosovan “jeta”). The Ujeta water filter is one of the smallest and most effective water treatment systems in the world, with a filter output of up to 5,000 litres per unit. As a portable, lightweight system (weighing about 3000g), it is quickly ready to use and filters the water in the place where it is needed, not where it is extracted. That enables the Ujeta Care to deliver a lasting improvement in drinking water supply worldwide. Thanks to combined ultra-filtration using activated carbon and membrane filters (LOG 6 classification), the Ujeta Care removes 99.99% of all bacteria and germs, along with heavy metals, drug residues, chlorine products and chlorine decomposition products, pesticides, organic compounds and asbestos fibres.

The high-quality activated carbon filter operates with a filter fineness of up to 0.45µm, and also exploits the high absorption effect of the activated carbon, as a pure natural product. The membrane filter, with its high-tech hollow-fibre membrane, has a filter fineness of up to 0.1µm. Bacteria, germs, moulds, metal particles and microorganisms are thus retained in the membrane filter, while valuable minerals remain intact in the water. Energising bio-crystals and a special turbulence technique gives the filtered water a spring-water quality.

The effectiveness of the Ujeta Care was confirmed by the well-known drinking-water laboratory of Dr. Staber & Kollegen. Scientific ‘before and after’ examinations using brackish pond water have shown that the Ujeta Care is ultra-efficient in filtering out coliform bacteria, intestinal enterococci and E. coli. Where the brackish pond water exhibited 200.5 MPN/100ml E.coli, after filtration using the Ujeta filter this was 0 MPN/100ml.

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