Alpla-founder Alwin Lehner deceased

Alwin Lehner, founder of the Austrian packaging solutions specialist Alpla, died on Tuesday evening at the age of 86. Alwin Lehner, born in 1932 in Bregenz, Austria, founded “Alpenplastik Lehner Alwin GmbH” together with his brother Helmuth Lehner. He led the company to international success.

As a mechanical engineer, he acted as the innovative force during the beginnings of the company. He was always interested in and passionate about technical challenges and was the lead in pioneering inventions. Only nine years after the company was founded, he laid the foundation for Alpla’s worldwide presence. The first plants outside of Austria were opened in 1964 in Markdorf, Germany and 1968 in San Joaquin, Venezuela.

In 1997, Alwin Lehner retired from the operational management of the Alpla group to continue to concentrate on technical developments. His role as the CEO of the company was handed over to his son Günther Lehner. Following his retirement he visited the Alpla headquarters almost daily.

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