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Husky, West Hall, Level 2, 1303 Husky, a leading industrial technology provider to the plastics

processing community, announced that it will demonstrate its innovations for a variety of markets at NPE2018. In its 12,000 square foot exhibition space the company will also be showcasing a wide range of innovative applications and concept packaging developed in partnership with customers and industry partners.

“Over the last several years, we have invested significantly to further advance our already state-of-the-art equipment. These investments have led to exciting developments in our Multi-Layer technology, our Hot Runner Valve Gate technology and in how we deliver complete tools, components, replacement parts and value-added services to our customers. We will always invest in research and development and in building valuable partnerships to be the innovation leader. It’s simply how we define ourselves,” said John Galt, Husky’s President and CEO.


Husky has been at the forefront of the injection moulding equipment industry for more than 65 years, remaining a leader by proactively building an unmatched understanding of shifting consumer trends, their impact on global markets and interpreting this to deliver novel and relevant innovations to customers. Now the company is looking beyond just offering more efficient processing equipment and toward the total end-to-end lifecycle of injection moulding equipment and plastic moulded parts. Today and in the future, plastic packaging and moulded parts will require more flexible and adaptive manufacturing solutions, as well as new business models, that support growth of both brands and plastics processors alike.

The Multi-Layer technology

Originally introduced at NPE in 2015, Husky’s Multi-Layer technology offers enhanced package performance, security and design, while using less material, to deliver a lower total part cost and a lower total cost of ownership. Momentum for Husky’s Multi-Layer technology continues, with now more than 30 systems sold around the world for a breadth of applications, including carbonated soft drinks, juice, sparkling water, beer, tea, dairy, food and personal care.

“As an industry leader we are able to support our customers’ ability to design and deliver packaging that responds to the demands of a rapidly changing society. This includes the need for flexible solutions that are more sustainable,” said Dave Morton, Husky’s Vice President of Multi-Layer Technology. “Our Multi-Layer Technology, paired with new recyclable barrier materials, delivers on this need by providing a functional package that protects the product more efficiently from both a material and total cost perspective.” At NPE2018 the company will highlight the technology’s capability for various application requirements, including barriers for light, oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as bottles with exciting new design and functional treatments that dramatically enhance shelf appeal.

Application flexibility with HyPET 225 system

Husky will be running its fully integrated HyPET 225 preform manufacturing system which will be producing an 11g preform using a 48 cavity mould and running an 8.2s cycle time. The company is highlighting its PET Tooling technologies and services, which help reducing manufacturing risk while maintaining the highest levels of performance. The Bottle Zone Technical Forum, new this year at NPE2018, will feature presentations from Husky subject matter experts throughout the duration of the show.
A significant highlight of the Husky experience at NPE2018 will be its award-winning Valve Gate Hot Runner innovations, providing incredible gate quality over millions of cycles with reduced cost of ownership.

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